Today, the National Ocean Council released the Nation’s first ocean plans—the Northeast Ocean Plan and the Mid-Atlantic Ocean Action Plan. As stated on the White House website, the Plans represent “a historic step toward…healthy ocean ecosystems and a strong, sustainable marine economy” and “promote the use of integrated ocean data and best practices for informed and efficient management of the Nation’s shared marine resources.”

Waterview Consulting is proud to have played a role in both the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regional ocean planning processes over the last several years. It is gratifying to see this work manifested in the two Plans.

Northeast Ocean Data Portal
neod-home-page-adj2In the Northeast, we designed the Northeast Ocean Data Portal (, including the current version as well as previous versions since 2011. Waterview Consulting’s Peter Taylor serves as a member of the Portal Working Group, and we are continually updating, refining, and enhancing the Portal.

According to the NOC, “This extraordinary new generation of data products has been developed in consultation with scientists and marine industries to include a vast array of marine resources, including ecosystem information on 150 species of marine mammals, seabirds, and fish, and a wide range of information on human activities including fishing, recreation, shipping, and renewable energy. The [Northeast and Mid-Atlantic] Data Portals allow scientists, stakeholders, and the public to easily obtain and use information about the marine environment and engage in decision-making processes such as National Environmental Policy Act review by identifying who may be affected by proposed activities or where additional information is needed.”

Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Assessment
regional-ocean-assessment-screenshotIn the Mid-Atlantic region, Waterview Consulting’s Peter Taylor and Emily Shumchenia of E&C Enviroscape produced the Regional Ocean Assessment (, an information resource developed to support the regional planning process.

It provides an engaging and reader-friendly distillation of key information on selected topics in ocean planning for decision-makers, stakeholders, and the broader public. The ROA brings together and summarizes best available information on the ocean ecosystem and ocean uses from New York to Virginia, and it serves as a gateway to more in-depth information sources.

We look forward to continued involvement in ocean planning and implementation efforts.

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