A Few Examples of Our Work

Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares

The Measuring the Effects of Catch Shares project is a multi-year effort to analyze and report objectively on the ecological, economic, social, and governance effects of new fishery management programs of the U.S. Northeast and West CoastWaterview Consulting collaborates with the project’s interdisciplinary research team to deliver the findings to decision makers and stakeholders through an online dashboard that offers unbiased analysis and unprecedented tools for exploring and interacting with fisheries data. 

Client: MRAG Americas, Inc. / Moore Foundation

Communication Strategy • Writing & Editing • Graphic Design • Web Development • Data Visualization

Make Way for Marshes
Northeast Ocean Data Portal

Northeast Coastal Acidification Network

The Northeast Coastal Acidification Network (NECAN) is a partnership of scientists, federal and state resource managers, and marine industry partners that guides research, monitoring, and outreach on ocean acidification from Long Island Sound to the Scotian Shelf. Waterview Consulting developed NECAN’s website, including writing and editing content, web design, and building an online reference library.  

Client: NECAN / Northeastern Regional Association of Coastal Ocean Observing Systems (NERACOOS)

Writing & Editing • Graphic Design • Web Development

The State of Narragansett Bay and Its Watershed

Technical Report, Summary Report, and Overview

The Narragansett Bay Estuary Program brought together more than 50 practitioners from universities, organizations, and agencies in a bi-state effort by Massachusetts and Rhode Island to collaborate on the 2017 State of Narragansett Bay and Its Watershed report. The report evaluates the status and trends in 24 indicators of ecosystem stressors and conditions. Waterview Consulting edited the 500-page technical report, the 28-page summary report, and the four-page overview. 

Client: Narragansett Bay Estuary Program

Editing & Writing

Make Way for Marshes
Northeast Ocean Data Portal

Northeast Ocean Data Portal

The Northeast Ocean Data Portal is a decision support tool providing user-friendly access to maps, data, tools, and information on the ocean ecosystem and ocean-related activities from Long Island Sound to the Gulf of Maine. Government agencies, industry, non-government organizations, academic entities, and individuals use the Portal for aquaculture siting, maritime safety, offshore energy development, fishery management, habitat conservation, regional ocean planning, and other applications. Peter Taylor of Waterview Consulting serves as the communications lead for the Portal and has been a member of the Data Portal Working Group for several years.

Client: Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC)

Needs Assessment • Communication Strategy • Writing & Editing • Graphic Design • Web Design & Maintenance • Social Media

Make Way for Marshes

Guidance on Using Models of Tidal Marsh Migration to Support Community Resilience to Sea Level Rise

For the Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC), we produced a 60-page document that informs management and policy efforts to sustain tidal marshes in the face of sea level rise. The reader-friendly, visually engaging book provides insights and recommendations for the entire lifecycle from planning a modeling effort to communicating the findings.

In a previous project, we also designed NROC’s logo and built their website.

Needs Assessment • Planning & Coordination • Expert Interviews • Literature Review & Synthesis • Data Analysis & Visualization • Writing & Editing • Graphics & Layout

Make Way for Marshes

Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Assessment

For the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO), we planned and developed an online information resource to support regional ocean planning from New York to Virginia.

In a previous project, we also designed MARCO’s logo and built their website.

Needs Assessment • Planning & Coordination • Literature Review & Synthesis • Writing & Editing • Graphics • Web Design • Stakeholder Engagement

Guide to the Science of Marine Protected Areas in The Bahamas

We wrote this 16-page document for the American Museum of Natural History based on interdisciplinary research funded by the National Science Foundation.

We synthesized findings from ecological, oceanographic, and socioeconomic studies showing how marine protected areas (MPAs) can work to conserve shallow coral reef ecosystems in The Bahamas, including seagrass meadows, mangroves, and other lagoon habitats.

Literature Review & Synthesis • Writing & Editing

Guide to the Science of Marine Protected Areas in The Bahamas
Fishery Solutions Center

Fishery Solutions Center Guides and Manuals

For the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), we have provided graphic design and layout for more than a dozen in-depth guides and manuals focused on innovative approaches to fishery management.

In addition to the English-language versions, we have produced layouts for versions translated into Spanish, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Graphic Design & Layout

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